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  • HackLab Gift Voucher

    A great gift idea for the tech-savvy children in your life, for them to use on any HackLab course or Merchandise. With values to cover a wide range of HackLab courses, you can give them the perfect Tech experience to fit around their Schedule.

    £95 Voucher will cover a 1-Day HackLab Camp
    £130 Voucher will cover a full term After School Club
    £165 Voucher will cover a half term of Tech Club
    £170 Voucher will cover a 2 Day HackLab Camp

    £50 - £170

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  • HackLab Hoodie

    Wear your colours, show your pride, rep your crew! Let everyone know you have been instructed in the subtle and delicate art of Tech-Fu, while at the same time keeping warm, cosy and incognito...


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  • MakeyMakey

    As seen in our Missile Commander and MakeyMakeyMayhem workshops, the MakeyMakey allows you to turn anything into a Game Controller. You are only limited by your imagination!


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