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Intro to 3D Printing & Design

Intro to 3D Printing & Design

3D Printing is an amazing breakthrough in manufacturing and prototyping, and it’s only getting better every day. Think about it: the International Space Station has a 3D printer now, so that instead of having to send a piece of equipment up on the next rocket (which costs millions of pounds), NASA just have to email it to them! Incredible! We’re going to get you set up on TinkerCAD, an online design program that is intuitive to use, friendly for all and supports any 3D printer on the market.


8-16 years


MakeSpace, Cambridge - CB2 1RX

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1st - 2nd June 2017 (Cambridge)


9am - 5pm


2 Day Camp


Level 1This is an introductory course and is suitable for anyone above the age of 8 or above to try, these courses will provide a good starting platform for developing tech skills.



Laptop, TinkerCAD


Digital Arts




About the course

We’ll get you hands on with the design process from the very beginning – you’ll be given a certain specification to meet just like a real designer would, then create an original design on paper to give your imagination some structure and form. From there, we’ll show you how to take your pencil designs and give them dimension and depth using TinkerCAD, all the while ensuring that you haven’t lost sight of the purpose of your initial design brief. Products have to serve a purpose, after all!

After working to refine and perfect your new digital model, we’ll package and export it ready to print. Finally, we’ll discuss the science of ‘additive manufacturing’ or 3D printing so you understand exactly how the machine will create your artefact, then show you exactly how to use and troubleshoot a 3d printer so you can use one in the future.

The purpose of these workshops is getting you not only 3D modelling and printing, but more importantly it’s about teaching you’re the design process itself, just like a real designer. We’ll help you get familiar with the basics of a design workflow; from brief or inspiration all the way through research, designing, prototyping to printing your finished product.

You’ll learn about and put into practice the basics of design workflow to create original designs, from pen and paper to a 3D model ready to be printed. You’ll learn how to use TinkerCAD and be familiar with other 3D modelling software that is available, understand the science and function of 3D printing and finally, you will use additive manufacturing technology to print something of your own design which achieves a specific purpose – it’s like having a weekend job in a design studio!

A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED FOR THIS COURSE. You may borrow one from HackLab for the duration of the course for £30, just add it to your basket.  

Skills acquired


As a Hacker, you're responsible for creating a useful, interesting or fun piece of work that others will want to use. As a result, you must have strong creative abilities to design technologies that are unique, visually appealing, interesting and thought-provoking. You’ll construct projects that engage users, encouraging them to purchase new items you create when released for public distribution.

Design Process

You will be creating and applying all the artwork, models, surfaces, images and textures which comprise your project. You will need to consider the layout and flow of your project, as well as create flow charts to map out the activities and people involved in your project’s development.


Many technologists need to be able to prototype their projects quickly in small batches to test their reliability and application in real situations. Being able to safely, sensibly and reliably use (sometimes potentially dangerous) tools, different materials and your hands is an important skill for every Hacker to master.

Attention to Detail

Most technology has multiple parts which must work together seamlessly for it to function properly and to specifications. This requires an attention to detail above and beyond the normal levels. "Details matter; it's worth waiting to get it right." - Steve Jobs

Technical Knowledge

Not all tools are suited to all jobs. You wouldn't use a screwdriver to drill a hole, for example. Hackers understand that the right tool, programming language, software package or material can make the difference between excellence and efficiency, or failure and frustration. Knowing what tools are at your disposal, or what tool you need to get is an invaluable skill for any Hacker.