Everyone should be allowed to improve their digital literacy in the Information Age. Courses at HackLab are for everyone; regardless of experience, gender, background or skill level. We believe our prices reflect good value for money for an engaging educational experience.   However, we are aware that some of our courses are out of reach for some parents and carers.  Through the generosity of our Partners, we are very pleased to be able to offer discounted places with the HackLab Scholarship fund.

The application process

We ask students some simple questions, which they can capture on video on their phones and upload to our secure site. The answers will help us understand motivations and aims for coming on the course.

Please capture the answers to the following questions on video and either upload here or supply a link to an external video site. If you are unable to do this please contact us.

  • Why do you want to attend a HackLab course?
  • What do you think you will do with the knowledge you will gain from the course?
  • What is it about hacking that interests you?
  • Tell us about a new piece of technology you have seen recently that interests you. Why is it cool?
  • What was the last thing you made/build/designed?

Please note: your video will be kept confidential.