Do you geek? Do you love computer games, cartoons, comics, robots, gadgets, gizmos, animating and shiny things? Do you enjoy the company of tiny humans intent on self-improvement? Maybe working with HackLab is for you! We are always seeking talented, enthusiastic, techie folks to join the team and change the world! Take a look below and see if we have anything that sounds like it might fit.

Current Roles

HackLab Hero (Instructor)

We are always looking for people who love technology and want to help us inspire the new generation of developers, makers and hackers in our holiday camps and clubs. HackLab Heroes know their stuff, give respect first, help the most, eat last… and lead from the front. What’s your battle-cry?

If you have a technical background, are currently studying a tech-related subject, or just know stuff about junk: we’d be interested in hearing from you about how you’d like to improve the technical know-how of today’s kids. (If you have an education background but just love tech, that’s awesome too!)

Most of our ‘face time’ with students takes place on weekends and in school holidays, so if you think you have the time to spare, get in touch with us!

We are currently actively recruiting in Cambridge, London, Brighton and Bristol. But even if you don’t live in those cities we are always looking for new opportunities so please get in touch.

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Curriculum Master

Sir Isaac Newton could only see further by standing on the shoulders of giants… and so can we. If you feel you have some expertise that the school kids of today should be learning about, let us know! We’re perennially excited about teaming up with industry experts and experienced data travellers to make sure that the HackLab curriculum is the best in the world. If you’ve got experience working in the technology sector and would be interested in consulting with MrC and our Curriculum Commander to spread your knowledge to a new crop of fledgling technocrats, drop us a line!

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