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Why Should Anyone Learn to Pen-Test?

First of all, what is Penetration testing (Pentesting)?


On Wikipedia it comes up with this:

“A penetration test, informally pen test, is an attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the computer’s features and data.”

My interpretation of this definition is:

“Going all Ninja and Boss on a system and using it to make you reach maximum awesomeness! (Legally)”

Now, when I mean the word Legally, I mean with permission from the owner of the system. That could be anyone: Company’s, Parents, Friends, Your next door neighbours dog... as long as you have permission. If you don’t have permission, and you are damaging their system when Pentesting then it is illegal and you can’t do that!

Also when you do learn to do it legally you can get really well paid jobs in Pentesting, so that balances out doing it illegally. Also you don’t go to jail. ☺

For those who get to Pentest, you can be hired by companies to see how secure their system is. A good example of a rich company hiring a hacking team is Red Team security. They broke into a power company in the Midwest of the US by using social engineering (tricking people) and breaking into their systems (hacking). These guys are so bad ass!

Another way to be a Pen-tester is working for the government with organizations such as GCHQ in the UK. There are many jobs you can get in any government that might need Pentesters.

Now to the reasons why you should Pen-test!

With basic knowledge of how to Pen-test you can become a super hero with companies and people you're working with. Maybe not literally. But when I did my first basic command in CMD on Windows: netsh wlan show profiles____ key=clear it felt so satisfying when it worked! Also my friends really liked me for that command, because it gave them some WiFi passwords they had lost, which were for profiles on their Windows machine. This leads me on to my next point…

It’s really, really fun to do! It’s also really, really satisfying when you break into a system. For example when I did my first MITM (Man in the middle) attack on my Mum, I viewed all her logged images that were streaming through her phone. That was very cool and it made me feel powerful and in control which is why the next reason is….

You become the Super User: you can become the virtual Super Man. However, being the super user also has some ethical implications. Imagine that Superman (being a really good, super dude) also has powers to destroy Earth in a few minutes with his heat vision. The point is, that you have the powers and knowledge to do things when you Pen-test, but the question is are you going to save the day and help like Superman or be the villain and destroy the world with your powers (and certainly going to jail in the process!)



Now I’m going to Mozfest 2016 on the 28th of October and it’s going to be really fun! It’s going to start on Friday with a science fair and people show all their projects and show what they have done and then on Saturday and Sunday it has all the talks and lessons and stuff. Please come and buy tickets and come along. I’m doing a session called WiFi Penetration with Kali Linux. You’re going to learn how to hack WiFi passwords. It’ll be a really cool session.

-S3th The ScriptKiddie


About S3th:

S3th The ScriptKiddie is one of the newest HackLab Sidekicks; who came to us when his school didn't know what else to do with him. We gave him a dark corner to code in, a raspberry pi and took him to Mozfest... now he hones his binary badassery in the name of justice, encouraging other young hackers to take up the mantle and learn tech-fu to defeat the black-hats who threaten to take down our interwebz.