In-school workshops

All of our in-school Enrichment Days are consistent with the new Computing Curriculum for Key Stage 2 & 3, and offer formative assessment opportunities for schools. Our courses provide extending and enriching Computer Science experiences for children in a safe, exciting and technologically immersive environment.

The children had an amazing time. They were all really engaged and loved working like "real hackers".

Miss Pauley, Cambridge International School

Our students were inspired and enthused for a whole day.

Simon Baldwin, Cambridge International School

Mark and Mac did an excellent job of engaging all four year groups - the children loved the activities, especially the computer tear-down, and the teaching staff enjoyed working with them. 

Miss K Milne, Head of Junior School, Stephen Perse Foundation

Get in touch   if you would like us to visit your school.


After school club

HackLab can come to your school and facilitate an after-school club to deliver innovative Computer Science courses to your KS2/KS3 students, all of which are aligned with the UK Computing Curriculum.

We can use your own school equipment to help students improve their digital literacy, or bring our Raspberry Pi portable HackSpace along for them to use, depending on the termly course offering.

From app development with javascript to coding websites in HTML, there are a number of courses offered to interest and engage your students each term.

Contact us to find out more about setting up a HackLab After School Club at your school by emailing or give us a ring on 01223 403 347.

CPD events & courses

Struggling with the jargon and obtuse language sometimes involved in Computer Science? Looking for fun, interesting ways to teach complicated technology concepts? Just need someone to show you how that frustrating bit of software works? We can help with that.

For frank, no-nonsense, no-upsell CPD – HackLab is the answer. We can show you some of the best FREE software available to solve problems and make your life easier in the classroom, as well as some clever workarounds for frustrating system errors and program conflicts teachers regularly experience in the classroom.

We can also provide frank and honest discussions about social media and its possible impact on your school, students or family, as well as share some handy tips on becoming more efficient when using technology in your everyday life (for example: did you know that pressing space twice at the end of a sentence when typing on your phone automatically types a full stop and begins a new sentence with a capital letter..? Try it out!)

We also provide some free classroom resources online so teachers can get started teaching computer science right away!