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The Hackers Code

The old adage goes 'No man is an island', but for hackers that's doubly so. Working in the field of technology requires teamwork, respect, efficiency and ability as well as knowledge. In order to create an environment of collaboration and innovation, the Hackers' Code was invented and it is what everyone at HackLab aspires to. 

Be excellent to each other

Hackers are a special breed, a community of supportive and creative cyber-samurai who work together to get things done. People who don’t get along, get to leave. Don’t hate….participate!

Respect your crew

Don’t impose yourself on others in the HackLab by taking things without asking, pushing in, breaking things, hogging equipment or leaving a mess behind. We’re all a team, so do your part!

Be aware

Hackers use lots of electrical equipment and tools. If something seems unsafe, tell someone. Don’t be immature and mess around near the equipment. It could get damaged, or even worse…it may damage you! In the Lab, you're usually surrounded by other people's projects - pay attention to make sure you don't cause an accident which creates a setback for you or others around you.

Stretch your brain

If something seems difficult, have a go at it before you admit defeat. Stop, look and think. If you find you are having problems, ask your neighbours for a hand. Still stuck? Get a HackLab Hero to help.

Go find out

"I don’t know" is not an answer.

"Let’s find out!" is what Hackers say.

If in doubt….Google it, or ask for help! 

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