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What is HackLab?

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The #1 provider for tech holiday camps, in school events and after school clubs.

Teaching children how to harness the power of technology by understanding how it works from the inside - enabling them to create, rather than merely consume the technology around us. We want to stop the computer from being a disposable ‘magic box’ that can only be developed by ‘geniuses’. Our aim is to demystify technology for children and young people, parents and teachers in a fun, relatable and no-nonsense manner.

Creative learning

HackLab is a creative learning environment where children aged 8-16 are encouraged to embrace their inner hacker; by stepping through the looking glass and taking charge of technology through open ended projects utilising industry leading technologies.

Expert teaching

Founded by Mark Calleja, an 'Outstanding' classroom teacher (according to Ofsted - but we think he's pretty cool too), our curriculum has been designed with learning outcomes and fun at the top of the agenda. No matter what the starting point, children are fully supported and guided through our courses until the 'Eureka!' moment!

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