: Women Compression socks made in Japan

: Women Compression socks made in Japan

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Compression socks made in Japan

Just wanna go to bed and worry the whole lower half body is kicking back. Next morning, refreshing legs and beautiful butt! ◆ Lifting up design to lift up "hip", "inner thigh", "knee top" Care of slack in lifting design ◆ Feeling sleeping (beautiful leg lifting structure) (ankle 21 hPa calf 15 hPa thigh 9 hPa) Lightly with legs designed to reduce the pressure as it goes up from the ankle. It is thin and beautifully arranged. ◆ Fit to the touch with soft texture (Powered by Yawata Pita) (Fluffy pile knitting, Lycra soft fiber use) ◆ Comfortable to wear comfortable (use of wide mouth rubber · relaxing design · wrapped around and not getting cold) ◆ refreshing and refreshing Knee back mesh braid · toe cut · high moisture absorbing moisture nylon thread used)