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HackLab After School Club

The Cyber Squad regularly meets on a Wednesday afternoon at the Cambridge Science Centre to hang out and hack, but this term it has moved to a snazzy new location: The Cambridge Junction!

As the CSC are currently moving to their new HQ in the centre of town, we've had to find somewhere else to hang out every week and luckily the awesome facilities at the Junction are our rad new digs!

Join the HackLab heroes each week in our awesome after-school club that will take you through your first steps in getting to know Javascript - one of the most powerful coding languages on the web!! If you want to make web pages with interactivity and which look supercool, you'll need to be a JS genius - so come along and get coding! Places for our Cyber Squad usually fill up fast, so book now to avoid missing out!

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  • Operation Java - Cyber Squad

    Java is one of the most prevailant languages on the globe today. Not to be confused with JavaScript, this general-purpose language was designed to be easier to use than C++, and 90% of the Fortune 500 companies have used Java to develop desktop apps and website backend systems. Come along with HackLab as we show you the ropes, through a series of 'Missions' designed to put you on the path to becoming a Java Jedi!

    Dates: 26th April - 19th July 2017
    Age: 8-16 years
    Level: Level 1This is an introductory course and is suitable for anyone above the age of 8 or above to try, these courses will provide a good starting platform for developing tech skills.
    Type: After-School Club
    Duration: 1 Term
    City: Cambridge


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